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Fathers’ Cup


In 2017, MenCare Georgia, in partnership with UNFPA Georgia, Georgian Football Federation and FC Locomotive Tbilisi, established a sports initiative – Fathers’ Cup.

Numerous studies show that sports play a special role in bringing parents and children closer, that’s why we decided to create a football tournament where children and fathers would participate together.

Registration for the Fathers’ Cup is open to everyone, and the rules are simple: each team must have at least four and at most six participants aged 8-12: two girls and two boys (the team can have two additional players in reserve), and the team coach must be the father of one of them.

The Father’s Cup is becoming more and more popular every year and more teams are participating.

Participants of the Fathers’ Cup receive special prizes. The main goal of the competition is to bring fathers and children closer together, to promote a healthy lifestyle and to encourage girls and boys equally in sports.